Hello. Is this thing on?

Hello there. It's been awhile. I've been locked out of the email address that was associated with this account and now Yahoo has "recycled" it. Thanks for helping a sister out, Marissa Mayer!

If you're on diaryland, leave me a note in my profile or email me. If there's anyone still even here. Maybe this is my secret domain. Perhaps we should just keep that guise for the moment and I'll start whispering from this side of the veil once more.

I haven't forgotten these stories and have continued them in my head. Recently I picked up the thread on the Princess/Daddy story and collated it into an entire Word document, only to find that it was well over 50K words. That's a novel, ladies and gentlemen. A dirty, dirty novel. And so we beat on.

It just might be time to make an e-book. I suppose that means coming out of the Diaryland closet, but at least it's easier to read a Kindle with only one hand than it is to surf the internet.

On a personal note, I also had a dear reader with home I exchanged many a missive with. This Dark Hunter has been on my mind as of late. My current email is my pseudonym Xandria Nolan at the eponymous Gmail. Find me. I'll make it worth your while.

2014-07-14 | 4:04 p.m.

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